Posted On: December 12, 2008 by David H. Greenberg


Shingles is a skin condition that is caused by a virus. The virus leads to painful blisters on the skin, and treatment for Shingles is often in the form of anti-viral drugs. Symptoms of early-stage of Shingles include headache, rash, pain on rash site. The Shingles virus may lead to nervous system problems, meningitis, and/or swelling of the spinal cord.

If you have been diagnosed with Shingles, your case may constitute a medical disability if: (1) your case has resulted in physical limitations; (2) you can still perform the essential functions of your position at work; and (3) your employer has taken adverse action against you based on your Shingles condition.

If your Shingles diagnosis constitutes a medical disability and employer does not allow you to miss work for medical appointments, take reasonable time off of work, and/or does not provide reasonable on-site accommodations for you at work, you may be a victim of discrimination.

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